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We, Super Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd., was established in 1994. We are one of few companies in Pakistan having 3 different plants under one premise i.e Paddy Husking plant,
Parboiled(Sela) rice plant and
Reprocessing SATAKE plant with most modern Color MASTER MachineĀ.

Our production capacity is 5 tones per hour. The daily production capacity of our rice processing unit is 120 tones per day.
We give importance to modern and state-of-the art operation. For the production level our rice mill is set up with the latest technology used in Japan, America and Europe. We have high-tech processing equipment and control system that is responsible for maintenance of quality. This system and our dedicated teams of quality control managers work hard to bring the supreme quality rice to you. In our mill we use computerized methods where applicable.

We are the only mill in Pakistan which has Indian Par-boiling Plant. Our machineries are from very well known companies of the world like SATAKE etc. We firmly believe that our strength lies in keeping up with the advanced technology and maintaining the quality of our rice. We have introduced SUPER WHITE RICE, which is premium quality basmati rice that is highly processed and polished and meets the highest standards of aromatic rice.
Al Barakat Street, Al Khud, Seeb, Muscat. Sultanate of Oman
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