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There are more than 39,000 different rice varieties world over. Most of the world’s rice is consumed in the area in which it is grown. Only around 6% is traded internationally. However, about 10% are grown commercially. Asian farmers produce about 90% of the total. World rice production in 2007 was approximately 645 million tonnes with over 114 countries growing rice.
Nearly half the world’s 7.4 billion population eat rice as part of their staple diet and demand is expected to grow by 50 per cent by 2030. The average person in some parts of Asia eats 40-60kg each year.

BASMATI FACTS: The name basmati means sweet smell. This rice has special features, which make it’s naturally long grain fragrant and delicious in taste.
Basmati is considered as the “prince of fragrance” or “the perfumed one” due to its unique aroma and delicately nutty taste. Basmati has been revered for centuries, including by Moghul Emperors. People in Europe, America and the Middle East (in particular Saudi Arabia and Iran), are consuming more Basmati than ever before. Demand for Basmati in Europe is increasing. Many British consumers use it as a vital cooking ingredient. It is the dominant rice product in the UK, accounting for nearly half of the rice consumed.

PAKISTANI RICE: Pakistan is the producer of the world’s finest long grain aromatic basmati rice.
Basmati, the king of rice, is held in the highest regard world over. Among all the other varieties of rice, none have the distinctive long grains or the subtle aroma for which this grain is considered so special. This also justifies the premium this rice commands against all other rice of the world.
It takes birth in the most fertile valleys and plains of Pakistan. It is harvested by hand with delicate care, aged to perfection and then processed. The result is an extra long, pearly white, delicate grain with an irresistible aroma and delectable taste bringing alive an age of nawabs and emperors, glittering courts and legendary chefs.
The legend says that basmati rice was meant to be consumed by maharajas (kings), maharanis (queens), princes and royal families. This unique rice is just one crop a year grown only in Pakistan and northern India, the region known as old Punjab – the land of five rivers originating from Himalayas.

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